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That he left his wife and children, left the high house, the house, the servant and a bunch of beautiful maids to go to the boring public place. The family of Khac Chung’s music, when invading the Thát army, surrendered to the Thát people. As a result, all of the wife’s family property was confiscated. To avoid involvement, Khac Chung left his family, wife and children to live a lonely life. That separation, in order to show his loyalty to the court. Just let go of it, but he did not interrupt. As for the fact that he did Trump 24 DeSantis Take America Back Shirt The great princes and the prince of the country, there were a number of people who secretly co-operated with the Nguyen emissaries in the Cha Ban capital. Our Hong Phuc Dai Viet is still a big one, so God unleashed us into Chiem to remove the troubling position. The king’s voice suddenly choked. People are confused as if they cannot find the words to express their ideas. Only later did he say: I really am sorry for you. The surprised princess quickly bowed to her father. King Nhan uplifted me, he

Show off literature, but pay little attention to the human condition, and the merit is biased. I wish he would stop by to play every now and then, and he would tell me something useful. And now I do not dare to save him anymore. He must have been tired: Lao Yang put his hands on his knees to get up and bowed to the princess, then walked out. He walked with a stooped, limping figure. From the hearing, the old man clearly stated the background of Do Khac Chung’s visit to peace. Until then, Khac Trump 24 DeSantis Take America Back Shirt Bich Hue was arranging in mind to answer, but it was so difficult. The princess asked if my hometown was beautiful? Oh, my life after generation has been tied to my homeland. How many joys, sorrows, suffering, and tribulations also occur in the homeland. But how compared to the princess’s hometown in Thien Truong palace? Even in the Thien Truong palace, it is not my hometown. Even though there is beauty, it is also the beauty of people, hometowns. Seeing Bich Hue wondering, the princess asked

Teachers, the teaching, taught strictly, should not be in accordance with the Prince’s intention. Must change all. Even though the king respects his religion, no matter how serious he is, he is still a father, unable not to indulge his son. Prince was instructed by the assistant to bow to the queen. Tran Huyen Tran inquired about the Prince’s education. Sometimes she asked about mandarin Tran Khac Chung. The Prince grinned, replied: Dear prince, this teacher is very funny. Very easy. He did not memorize Trump 24 DeSantis Take America Back Shirt Who later preserved the throne to take care of the hundred families, could not help but pay attention to the things related to the rule of the country and the people welfare. Speaking of which, of course, Tran Khac Chung stood in the position of the chief government officer who appraised it. After school, the patriarch spoke to invite the teacher, the prince and the princess to enter the tea house. After two weeks of tea, but the princess’s mind was still lingering on the teachings of the mandarin and grandpa.